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Fuel Cut Eliminators

What is"fuel cut" ??

(Fuel Cut is a federal emissions regulation requirement for all EFI vehicles sold in the USA since 1980...... NO VEHICLES ARE EXEMPT !! )

"Fuel cut" happens when you close the throttle anytime above a preset rpm, in other words the injectors will stop.....

Upon re-application of the throttle, there is a delay before the system will start back up and re-wet the intake tract and combustion chamber..... the rider feels this as a delay and jerky response from closed throttle.... especially while leaned over in a turn or trying to manuver the bike at low speeds.
This can also be heard with an aftermarket exhaust as a loud pop/bang/flame when the injectors come back on

Under these conditions, throttle response is much less than precise. I have designed the FCEtm for these bikes, and as a result there is a very marked difference as to how much better these bikes respond and behave under any riding condition....

Using this product, this bike is transformed to a perfectly smooth and predictable ride under any riding condition, and the rider can pay more attention to where he/she is going rather than how carerfully the unpredictable throttle is re-applied.

All models will benefit from no loud backfiring upon throttle re-application with this product



All FCE products are discontinued - No longer available




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