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Suzuki M109R Page




Ivan's®  ECU flash for:
2006 - 2009 Suzuki M109R
- $350.00

My ECU tuning philosophy and more ECU info can be found on this page: ECU PAGE

When sending your ECU, please print and fill outTHIS FORM

I will contact you for your payment after I receive your ECU.

Testimonials can be found on THIS PAGE

I am pleased to announce that I have successfully re-programmed the stock Suzuki M109R ECU to my own exacting specifications
as listed below.

My Suzuki M109R ECU programming (Re-Flash) includes the following:

1) Fix all inherent fueling problems inside the ECU.
(the ones that cannot be fixed with an external fuel tuner)

2) Disable fuel cut - Don't know what fuel cut is? -
Click Here
a) Gets rid of poor throttle transitions from closed throttle.
b) Gets rid of annoying popping and banging during decel and also when re-applying the throttle from closed.
c) Throttle modulation is noticably improved over what can be achieved with a fuel tuner alone.
d) Feels buttery smooth upon re-application from closed throttle (in all riding conditions).

3) Complete custom re-curve of ignition timing
a) Gets rid of part throttle timing retarder for more response and less vibration when cruising and moderate acceleration.
b) Gets rid of high rpm timing retarder allowing the engine to make maximum power for longer.
c) Set timing for maximium power and driveability across the entire rpm range & all throttle positions
d) Adjust timing to be the same for all gears - No TRE needed.

4) Reduced heavy engine braking on decel.
   (More relaxed gear changes and throttle modulation at all speeds - in all gears)

5) Re-program Sub-throttles for best response and remove power restrictions

a) This allows a more sensitive throttle that is easy to control.

b) Allows 100% of the M109R engine's available power - whenever you ask for it.

c) Gives immediate engine response to the throttle with no restrictions

6) Low gear power limiter removal
- No TRE needed !!

7) Remove top speed limiter - No TRE needed !!

8) Reduced running temperatures

9) Cooling fans come on at 200 degrees
Helps keep engine cooler when you are stuck in traffic

10) Raise rev-limit to 7500 rpm - adds another 300 rpm of hard pull in each gear.

11) SET valve code removal - No exhaust servo eliminator needed !!
- Done without disabling the rest of the bike's self diagnosis -
-Your bike will still display trouble codes if a problem arises just like it does now-

12) Answers to all your questions.....

13) Anything that compromises performance and/or driveability is eliminated.

14) Free upgrades when/if we make improvements.

15) Return your ecu back to stock at no charge for any reason.
    (shipping not included)

PC3, PC5, or PCFC or other fuel tuner not needed for most setups

All testing was done in house on the above M109R

Dyno tuning not necessary

We can reprogram for the following markets:

USA & Canada for now

ECU reprogramming may not comply with federal safety/emission laws
ECU reprogramming may not comply with your warranty

See dyno charts below






5th gear speed limiter test - This bike is limited to 125 mph with it's original ECU programming.

Intake test w/stock exhaust - Stock intake vs. Big Air Kit (BAK)

The Tri Pro 2-1 exhaust power potential is a little deceiving due to it's internal baffle plate helping to keep things quiet.
See chart below this one for results after it's removal.

Cobra Tri-pro Baffle test

Cobra duals vs Cobra Tri-pro 2-1 w/ baffle plate removed - The 2-1 now makes more peak power as it should.

All Stock M109R vs. Cobra Tri-pro 2-1 w/ baffle plate removed

All Stock M109R vs. Cobra Duals


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