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Yamaha XV1900 Raider Page


ECU Re-Flash - Available now!!

Ivan's®  ECU flash for:
2008 - 2017 Raider XV1900
- $350.00 (plus shipping)
**Updated 4-2017**

When sending your ECU, please print and fill out
I will contact you for your payment after I receive your ECU.

My ECU tuning philosophy can be found on this page: ECU PAGE

A few of my Raider testimonials can be found on

My XV1900 Raider ECU programming (Re-Flash) includes the following:

1) Fix all fueling problems inside the ecu.
(The ones that cannot be fixed with an external fuel tuner, as well as
the necessary fuel adjustments for intake and exhaust changes)

2) Disable fuel cut - ie; Jerky throttle
Don't know what "fuel cut" is? - CLICK HERE

a) Gets rid of poor throttle transitions from closed throttle.
b) Gets rid of annoying popping and banging during decel and also when re-applying the throttle from closed.
c) Throttle modulation is noticably improved over what can be achieved with a fuel tuner alone.
d) Throttle feels much smoother when re-applying from closed position.

3) Complete re-curve of ignition timing
a) Gets rid of part throttle timing retarder for more response and less vibration when cruising and moderate acceleration.
b) Gets rid of high rpm timing retarder allowing the engine to make power for longer.
c) Set timing for maximium power and driveability across the entire rpm range & all throttle positions

4) Raise rev-limit in all gears to 5850 rpm. (some tests shown below at 6000)
     For customers it will be set at 5850

5) Anything that compromises performance and/or driveability is eliminated.

6) Reduced running temperatures.

7) Reduced heavy engine braking on decel above 2500 rpm
     (more relaxed gear changes and throttle modulation at highway speeds)

8) Free upgrades when/if we make improvements.
**Updated 4-2017**

9) Return your ecu back to stock at no charge for any reason.
    (shipping not included)

10) Answers to all your questions.

All testing was done in house on 2010, 2011 & 2012 XV1900 Raiders

Call for pricing please.

We can reprogram for the following markets:

USA & Canada only for now.

ECU reprogramming may not comply with federal safety/emission laws
ECU reprogramming may not comply with your warranty


As of 4-2017, a fuel tuner is not required - ECU flash now includes fuel changes

Reprogramming of your ECU

Air filter kit of your choice -
Airbox Kit Photos

Specific instructions for setting up your XV1900 Raider

Answers to all your questions.


All dyno tests performed in 5th gear, w/91 octane, 10% ethanol pump gas

Since "Premium" fuel is listed in the owners manual, I chose to use it.

All stock 2010 Raider Vs. Same w/ V+H 2-1 and Ivan's ECU flash
(peak power ruined by timing retarder)
All 2-1 headers lose a small amount of power below 2400 rpm - This is due to the loss of the Catalyst
Careful tuning inside the ECU can minimize this loss..... see bottom dyno chart

PCV no longer used - ECU flash now includes fueling changes.

Removing the timing retarder adds back appx. 3.3 hp

Just a comparision of where we are so far.

Removing the rest of the ECU's power restrictions puts the power right with the Stratoliner/Roadliner (with the same ECU mods)
Adds another 600 rpm of "Hard Pull" to the upper gears

Same as above with torque shown

Ivan's air filter kit releases the engine's full potential at a fraction of the cost of other kits

Comparision of
Ivan's air filter kit Vs. Pod filters (BAK)
The longer inlet tract of the stock velocity stacks offers more usable power throughout the rpm range.
The shorter inlet tract of the pod filter kit offers a slight advantage above 5500 rpm.

Removing the last restriction yields nearly 130ft/lbs of torque !!

All stock vs. Final result - A massive improvement over stock with no losses at any rpm

All stock vs. Final result - same as above with torque shown.
(A lot of torque !!)

The longer length of the duals does not produce the same spread of power as the 2-1.
Still very respectable and very responsive, and makes more power between 3000 & 4000 rpm

Airbox Kit Photos


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