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1984-1986 RZ500 Carb Kit

Part # RZ-8486MT (Master tuners kit)...$200.00 For off road use only

Why make a Carb Kit for a dinosaur exotic ?

Well, because I own one and have always had the need to do it since I bought it brand new.

Basically, the kit will do nothing for the top end hp but it will dramatically improve the perfomance of the stock carbs at normal speeds. This is accomplished by getting rid of the excess fuel at part throttle. From 0 throttle to 1/4, the excess fuel is reduced so that it smooths out the bike dramatically. Dramatically enough to lessen the chances of cracked body work and should give increased engine life.

The 2 sets of needles included in this kit have the first 2 tapers slightly different than the stock ones. This will clean up the "drowning" and plug fouling associated with this bike.

There are 2 set of needles included with this kit due to the many different types of air filter systems and pipes being used, so you can dial it in for many types of conditions and characteristics of your engine whether it being stock or highly tuned

The kit also contains new main jets ranging from #165 thru #220

View Kit Photos (not updated yet)

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