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Yamaha XV1900
Roadliner & Stratoliner Page


ECU Re-Flash - Available now!!

Ivan's ® ECU flash for:
2006 - 2011 Roadliner XV1900
2006 - 2011 Stratoliner
XV1900 - $375.00

Ivan's ® ECU flash for:
2012 & up Roadliner XV1900
2012 & up Stratoliner
XV1900 - $350.00

When sending your ECU, please print and fill out THIS FORM

I will contact you for your payment after I receive your ECU.

Testimonials can be found on

I am pleased to announce that I have successfully re-programmed the stock XV1900 Stratoliner/Roadliner ECU to my own exacting specifications as listed below.
My ECU tuning philosophy can be found on this page: ECU PAGE

Over 6 months and 3000 combined road testing and dyno miles were accumulated during the tuning process for this bike's programming. - See dyno charts below

My XV1900 Roadliner/Stratoliner ECU programming (Re-Flash) includes the following:

1) Fix all inherent fueling problems inside the ecu.
(the ones that cannot be fixed with an external fuel tuner)

2) Disable fuel cut
a) Gets rid of poor throttle transitions from closed throttle.
b) Gets rid of annoying popping and banging during decel and also when re-applying the throttle from closed.
c) Throttle modulation is noticably improved over what can be achieved with a fuel tuner alone.
d) Feels buttery smooth upon re-application from closed throttle.

3) Complete re-curve of ignition timing
a) Gets rid of part throttle timing retarder for more response and less vibration when cruising and moderate acceleration.
b) Gets rid of high rpm timing retarder allowing the engine to make power for longer.
c) Set timing for maximium power and driveability across the entire rpm range & all throttle positions

4) Raise rev-limit in all gears to 5850 rpm. (some tests shown below at 6000)
     For customers it will be set at 5850

5) Anything that compromises performance and/or driveability is eliminated.

6) Reduced running temperatures.

7) Reduced heavy engine braking on decel above 2500 rpm.
(more relaxed gear changes and throttle modulation at highway speeds)

Answers to all your questions.....

PC3, PC5 fuel tuner - Preferred (best results) - not included
Purchase from us include Ivan's custom map that goes with Ivan's ECU flash.

Cobra CVT & 2000 & other fuel tuners available from us as well

All testing was done in house on my personal 2007 XV1900 Stratoliner

Call for pricing please.

We can reprogram for the following markets:

USA & Canada only for now

ECU reprogramming may not comply with federal safety/emission laws
ECU reprogramming may not comply with your warranty

When sending your ECU, please print and fill out THIS FORM

Our Performance Package for this model includes: (you need to call for pricing)

Slip-on or Full exhaust system - Call for pricing.

Power Commander 5 or PCFC (pre-programmed with Ivan's custom map)
-Or- other fuel tuner of your choice that is available from us.

A Fuel tuner is not required, but the smoothest throttle response and driveability are attained when
the fueling is matched to your exhaust and intake requirements at all throttle positions.

Power Commander products allow us to add or subtract the exact amount of fuel needed
to make your bike run the best that it can at any throttle position for your specific intake/exhaust combination.
This also leaves you with a totally adjustable fuel system that can be changed at any time, for any reason.

Best results are with a fuel tuner, and is recommended with aftermarket intake and exhaust changes
This is for proper and consistent fuel delivery with the changes that you have made to your bike.

Reprogramming of your ECU

Air filter kit of your choice

Also included with purchases from us:

Un-paralleled tech support
Instructions for setting up your PCV (or other fuel tuner purchased from us) to your bike

Specific instructions for setting up your XV1900 Stratoliner/Roadliner

Answers to all your questions.....


All dyno tests performed in 5th gear, w/91 octane, 10% ethanol pump gas

Since "Premium" fuel is listed in the owners manual, I chose to use it.

All stock 2007 Stratoliner vs. Same w/Ivan's ECU programming

Keep in mind that as long as the stock (un-modified) airbox is retained, peak power gains will be minimal.

Stock Stratoliner vs. D&D slip-on muffler - Both with stock ECU

Nice midrange gains, but needs fueling adjusted.
Keep in mind that as long as the stock (un-modified) airbox is retained, peak power gains will be minimal.

Note loss of power below 2500 rpm when losing the stock muffler.
This is due to resonant exhaust pulses that the catalytic converter normally dissapates at low rpm.
Once the rpms come up a bit the resonant wave works in favor of the slip-on.

Even though there is a "dip" here, there is still 106 ft/lbs of torque in the lowest area.

D&D slip-on w/Stock ECU vs. D&D slip-on w/Ivan's ECU flash, & PC3/PCV

Keep in mind that as long as the stock (un-modified) airbox is retained, peak power gains will be minimal.

All stock stratoliner vs. D&D slip-on w/Ivan's ECU flash & PC3/PCV

Keep in mind that as long as the stock (un-modified) airbox is retained, peak power gains will be minimal.

                                  INTAKE TESTS________________________ 

Ivan's air filter kit photos - Click Here

Stock airbox, ECU flash, PCV vs. Ivans airbox kit- Both with D&D slip-on & Ivan's ECU flash & PC3/PCV

A very nice gain with minimal cost and install time & works better than any airbox kit available

Same as above - Torque shown


All Stock Stratoliner vs. D&D Slip-on w/Ivan's ECU Flash, PC3/PCV, & Ivan's air filter kit

Same as above with torque shown

How fast can it go??

EXUP Function test
- Works as advertised by Yamaha

Ivan's air filter kit photos - Click Here


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