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2007 GSXR1000 Page

All stock vs.
Dual slip-ons W/catalyst retained and re-mapping & TRE-007



All Stock vs.
Single slip-on and catalyst removed and re-mapping & TRE-007

10 hp gain in midrange and 7hp after peak - Nice!!



Full System tests ....

All Stock vs Full Yoshimura system with re-mapping & TRE-007



Full Yoshimura system vs. single slip-on w/catalyst removed both w/TRE-007 and re-mapping

All tests performed in average 80 degree temps w/moderate humidity - Lower temps will give slightly higher #'s

Ignition module tests have shown no peak hp gains, but will provide better part throttle response and noticeably less vibration with improved fuel economy and lower coolant temps.

Aftermarket air filters have shown no additional HP gains but, require remapping.



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