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2009-2010 V-MAX Page


All Stock Vmax Vs. All stock Vmax w/ YEC Race ECU.

This adds a few hp at the upper rpm ranges, and removes the power restrictions and gives a true top speed of appx 165 mph.

This next graph shows that race slip-ons have no advantage as long as the catalyst is still on the bike.

Stock mufflers vs. race slip-ons, both with catalyst still on bike and race ECU

After adding a catalyst eliminator pipe (Akrapovic W/crossover tube) the power available is very evident.

Race slip ons w/cat vs. Race slip-ons w/o cat

The YEC ECU's tuning program (mapping) is still EPA compliant and is for use with the catalyst. It does not disable fuel cut or supply enough fuel for catalyst elimination as can be seen in the chart below.

Adding a power commander 5 puts back the missing fuel that the YEC race ECU cannot supply.

Slip-ons w/race ECU and cat elimination pipe vs. same with PC5 and Ivan's map


There is more to come from this bike as there is no ignition module available yet to adjust the timing.
(Which should give a few more horses and better MPG and even cooler running temps than with the PC5 alone.)

Also, there is not an aftermarket air filter available yet.
A modded airbox w/ race filter should give a few more HP as well.
(So far, we have not touched the intake system, but we will when the filter becomes available.)

We will be testing both of these items as they are made available.

So for now, this is where it's at for us.... A huge power increase over stock w/enough power to get you into the 8's (if you have the skill) with great driveability and much cooler running. Clearly the most powerful stock engine that has been on my dyno.




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