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Big News !! - July 19, 2012

Here it is ZX10 guys… handed to you on a silver platter ……

How to de-restrict the 2011-2014 Gen4 ZX10R for free !!

All you need to do is remove your ECU from the airbox area and find the red wire with the green stripe… just pull the harness tape back to expose at least 6 inches of the harness wiring and then cut the wire 4 inches from the ECU connector.


Attach a female insulated terminal to the ECU connector
(You can also just leave the cut end in the harness because it's not being used)


Then attach a piece of wire 24 inches long with a ring terminal on one end to ground
(main chassis ground behind left rear of airbox) as shown.


The other end will get a male terminal and will plug in to the female that you installed at the ECU. That's it !!

You also need to remove the exhaust valve cables from the muffler and servo motor....
Please remove them from the motorcycle entirely.

Part of this restriction is that the exhaust valve in the stock exhaust closes down a bit at high revs.

You will get 3 things from this....

(1) No more nasty fuel cut on decel = better driveability, and nothing to upset your lines in the corners when re-applying the throttle.

(2) Hp gain as shown in the first dyno chart on this page….

(3) More money for other mods that you want to do.

**There is no tech support for this mod.... it is a free mod that is given away at no cost to anyone.... please do not call with questions about this mod.

**You are doing this at your own risk like hundreds of others have... if you make a mistake, you are on your own.






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