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2012 ZX14R Pipe comparison page


I always want to show the most accurate results.
So here is the entire pull series of the Brock/Hindle Alien head 2, 14"megaphone full system for the 2012 -2014 ZX14R.

1) The PCV mapping was done specifically for this pipe to show it's max potential

2) ECU changes are identical to the full Akrapovic tests below.

There are no differences other than the pipe.
Before these tests were done, the bike was allowed to completely cool after mapping sessions.
This ensures that none of the results will be "shaded" due to an over heated bike.


This run below was the best of the series, so it will be used to compare.
Not a bad looking curve if you look at it all by itself.... nice and smooth.



This comparison below is the old Akrapovic 4-2-1 for 2006-2011 ZX14
(which fits perfectly on the 2012 - 2014 model)
Brock/Hindle alien head 2 megaphone

Clearly, the old Akrapovic is better everywhere except for a very narrow area between 3200 and 4000 rpm.
This pipe choice would be a "no brainer" if one were looking for max power over the widest range.

Identical results can be obtained with Akrapovic's dual exhaust setup as well.

With the Akra pipe, this bike will easily lift the front wheel in 2nd gear at 6000 with throttle alone !!
(stock gearing and a 200 lb rider)


Peak power is still in the Akra's favor...


Weather conditions are nearly identical.... correction favors the AH megaphone


Coming soon - More pipe comparisons !!

Stay tuned !!







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