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1998-2006 Katana 600 Carb Kit

Part # KAT6-9800...$130.00*  For off road use only

*The kit now contains stainless steel allen head float bowl screws to replace the original phillips head screws which are easily stripped.

This kit is the result of 3 months of combined testing. It is designed for use with either the stock header with ANY slip-on.

The needles included in this kit have 4 angles ground on them. After 3 months of development, these were the final design chosen.

This is due to the fact that performance decreased when any change was made to them.

This kit needs to be used with a stock airbox and filter.....

Aftermarket filters were tested and there was no performance increase at any rpm -

(although the main jet did have to be increased by one size)

This kit will provide a huge increase in throttle response and midrange power as compared to stock jetting.

This kit will give shorter warm-up time and greatly reduced engine vibration.

This kit is designed to be as user friendly as possible, you will get it right the first time.

Using a 5 degree Ignition advancer is recommended - it makes the idle smoother and throttle response more immediate.

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