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Kawasaki Concours 14

VVT Function and Tests


Not even the magazines have given you these tests and a window to see this information.

Obviously, proper cam timing is essential to peak performance, but having variable cam timing makes the best of both worlds...
Especially when I can adjust the settings to make the best spread of the power possible at all rpms by removing the factory
restrictions in this area.

VVT works by throttle position vs. rpm on this bike

Here is one of the ECU's stock VVT tables... (resolution redacted)
There are others that control it's function too, but this one shows the basic programming.

I chose to use my tuned file for these dyno tests because it shows the effects better at the rpm extremes
and also with the raised rev-limiter to show that the power carries on longer with my adjustments.

This chart is full camshaft advance vs. full camshaft retard... (the 2 extremes of the VVT actuator)


This chart shows the same 2 runs compared to my cam timing in green to contrast the two extremes...


This chart shows the gains that I achieved by adjusting the VVT.



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