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Yamaha FJR1300
Reviews page

Here are Yamaha FJR1300 reviews taken from my facebook page, private email, and other public sources....

Reviews are in date order...


Glenn Evers recommends Ivan's Performance Products.
June 12 at 4:00 PM ·
2020 Yamaha FJR1300ES

Ivan did an awesome job with my 2020 FJR1300 ECU Flash.

Everything he claims will improve certainly does.

Also turns them around very quickly.

Thanks Ivan


James W - Private email

And also here

March 20, 2020 - 2008 FJR1300A

Ivan has developed an outstanding product in this new ECU flash for the generation2 FJR1300 motorcycles,
and I couldn't be more pleased with how my gen2 2010 FJR1300A performs. Every performance improvement Ivan describes for the gen2 bikes is spot on.

After installing the ECU, I let the bike idle until fully warmed up in the shop.
The idle is very smooth with no tendency to surge. The fans turned on two bars lower on the temperature indicator than before.

The weather was perfect today for a test ride, so off I went and immediately noticed how easy making a perfectly smooth and quiet shift was.
I wouldn't have thought it possible that my bike could ever be shifted so smoothly and quietly. In fact I still can't believe it.
I thought my clunky not smooth shifts were the result of lack of co-ordination on my part and/or slop in the drivetrain, but I was wrong.

My bike feels like it has had its computer controlled fuel injectors replaced with new perfectly tuned and jetted carburetors.
Ivan told me this would be the result, and now I realize how right he was. He didn't exaggerate at all.

My fuel economy went from 43 mpg to an unbelievable 50.1 mpg. My FJR has never got this kind of fuel economy.

The power increase is also impressive across the rev range as I found out during several 4th and 5th gear throttle roll ons.

My engine has always been very smooth with maybe a touch of vibration at around 4K revs but now I swear I can't feel any vibes at all.
I tried a few high speed throttle roll ons in 4th and 5th and WOW!!

Long and short is I couldn't honestly be more pleased with how my bike performs after Ivan's work

Thank you so much Ivan

James W - Oregon Coast



Trey St. John - owner - 2008 FJR1300A

Marine Power Sports LLC
175 Penrod Ct, Suite N
Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061

Ivan's Gen II Reflash Report:

Sent my ECU out Monday and received it back today, same day turn at his shop.

My 2007 has Throttle Tamer and Delkelvic 13" Tri-Oval with baffles, 21k miles and always runs 93 octane pump.

In preparation for the install I performed the following for baseline comparison and to maximize the performance:

1) Sync'd Throttle bodies using our CarbTune Pro

2) Checked for any throttle body area vacuum leaks as these are vacuum mapped ECU's,
there were none as I had Sync'd TB and put new vacuum caps on about a year ago.

3) Replaced Spark Plugs

4) Rode M/C to get a basis for performance with "tuneup", it did idle slightly better due to fresh sync, but still had all the low rpm/speed jerkiness and
slight off idle acceleration bog so there was no real difference from "tune-up"

5) Followed Ivan's instructions (on website under preparation on Gen II page) on resetting the CO's to 0, mine were 5, 18, 18, 21

6) Removed ECU and sent it to Ivan's

7) Upon receiving ECU back performed instructed Idle/TPS test and reset. Ended up at 1160-1180rpm using digital tach at TPSV of .688-.692 with engine running.
(voltage drops about .130V from key on to running so setting while running is mandatory)

8) Road tested and then had two of my mechanics ride the bike without telling them my opinion, both had ridden it before.


Me: All low rpm/speed jerkiness is gone, bike will pull a slow turn in third gear at 1200rpm and then accelerate with zero stutter or bog
(which it would not do before reflash), low to mid acceleration seems to be noticeably stronger and deceleration exhaust popping is 90%+ gone.
In summary, all the fueling/mapping related motor habits that were bugging the hell out of me are gone and bike runs like a perfectly tuned carburated one.

Mechanic #1 "Wow this thing is so nice and smooth now, it is way way better"

Mechanic #2 "Big difference, it's spot on and runs like it should"

Overall: For $350 plus shipping my opinion is it is well worth it and makes the bike run like it should.
It is my personal recommendation that syncing the TB's should be done prior to setting the idle/TPS per Ivan's instructions so settings will be as precise as possible.
Out of sync TB's can significantly affect the idle on these bikes with or without a re-flash.

Hope this helps all you Gen II owners out there.


Nick Kivett recommends Ivan's Performance Products.
February 29 at 8:31 PM · - 2008 FJR1300A

Ivan did a great job on the FJR GenII flash on my bike (the test mule).
I could not be more pleased with the results and he took great care of the bike while in his shop.

For all the GenII owners, the hard part is done, get in line for your ECU flash.


Martin Hebert recommends Ivan's Performance Products.
May 28 at 10:31 AM · - 2016 Yamaha FJR1300ES

I recently sent in my FJR1300es' ECU to Ivan's Performance Products for him to work his magic on my ECU.
My other bike is a 2nd Gen FZ1 that had been flashed by IPP in 2014 and found that my 2016 FJR1300es’ factory tuning
left a lot to be desired…

The turn-around time is worth mentioning…less than 24 hrs!

Right from the start, the throttle response is instantaneous and it pulls right off idle, without any hesitation whatsoever.

The power delivery is smooth and there is noticeably more of it... everywhere!

I normally cruise around 75-80 mph, right where the FJR’s engine had a slight increase of engine vibration...
Vibes have decreased by what seems like 50% in the 3.5-5k range.
Everywhere else in the rev range, you can feel that the engine is running much smoother than before.

Gone are the decel pops!

Ivan recommends mid-grade or better… tried both midgrade and premium unleaded…
no noticeable performance advantage from my butt-dyno… sticking to mid-grade.

Taking off from a dead stop, you right away notice that there is no more throttle lag and the way the power comes on is like
riding a perfectly jetted carburetor setup (for lack of better description).
Above 5500rpm the bike revs with authority, all the way to redline and never seems to run out of breath.
The flashed FJR will never be a ‘Busa killer, but my K1600 riding buddy is likely going to be seeing my taillights from
even further than before.

The cruise control can now be engaged at any speed, in any gear…
(Perfect for those never ending 30kph/20mph school zones) … other than that works like before.

Touring mode…feels pretty much the same as before… won’t elaborate, as I rarely use it.
I find the touring mode’s attenuated throttle response is sometimes practical, when the roads are slick/wet and also use it in stop
and go city traffic.

“3RD MODE” > I haven’t had time to experiment. As we say in French>> “A SUIVRE…”

All in all, if you are looking to make your FJR rides more enjoyable, with moderate top-end gains and better power delivery “everywhere”…
I highly recommend it.


JB Brock (posted on my Facebook page)
2014 Yamaha FJR1300
June 22, 2019

Ivan tuned my 2014 FJR1300 today.
He is incredibly knowledgeable and he has spent copious amounts of research and development time to produce his ECU flash for the FJR.
He takes what is already a good bike and makes it a great one.

The “streetability” focus of his flash simply fixes problems that you didn’t realize that you had.
It produces a smoother and more enjoyable ride with predictable power on tap in any gear along any point in the rev range.
The cost benefit ratio of Ivan’s flash is skewed heavily towards benefit.

After all, why wouldn’t you spend a few hundred to make a $17k bike a much better bike?
Ivan is first class and I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a professional tuner.

Now if I can just talk him into designing an air box conversion kit for the FJR! ????
I’ll take all the help I can get from the FJR community!!!


Email from
Scott S. in Texas (No Facebook) 2016 Yamaha FJR1300

February 4, 2019

I have been riding dirt and street since I was a kid, and I know what is good for motorcycle performance and what is a waste.
I don't normally give feedback on products because I am a busy guy, but in this case I wanted riders to know about your awesome ECU flash.

The 2016 Yamaha FJR1300-ES is a great bike with a few flaws from the factory.
I rode in the mountains near Mena Arkansas and the stock bike scared me with a delay in throttle response around a very tight turn in 1st gear,

and I had to use my brakes instead which was a result as the bike ignored my throttle input.

I thought I was out of gas but that was not the case, it was the factory ecu setting and the exact items that Ivans performance ECU flash corrected.

I am a huge Yamaha fan, and I was dissapointed in the factory ECU performance, until I did a google search and Ivans performance products website showed up.

I read the details on the site and decided to try the ECU flash, and I am so glad that I chose Ivan because the ECU flash fixed every single issue
that I had with the FJR1300.

The Flash is worth more than he charges, do yourself a huge favor and send your ECU to Ivan, you will think that Yamaha should have
hired Ivan to design the software from the factory. My FJR is much faster and safer now, It was an amazing change to the personality of my 2016 FJR1300.

Thank you Ivan for perfecting the FJR1300 ECU flash.

Please feel free to repost this email anywhere you think will help FJR riders to improve their ride.



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