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FZR 1000

Reference for 5 Valve Yamahas Tuning Reponse


Back in 1987(pre-EXUP) when Yamaha came out with the original FZR1000, I was very impressed to say the least..….
The following year, the blue and white paint job just had me go out and buy one…..

After the installation of a new exhaust system, some of the midrange went away (to say the least), and I went on a quest to try to bring most of it back, and the jet kit that was supposed to be the cat's butt was terrible.
A redesign of the carb needles took care of those problems, and straightened out the power peak…..amazing 128 hp from 37mm carbs !! (35mm in the throat)




1988 FZR 1000 - Ivan's Vs. Other Kit




Re-degreeing the cams to many different specs recommended by several different cam manufacturers and several different tuners yielded nothing but headaches, and bad advice.

In fact, the best result of re-degreeing the cams is shown here…… doing almost nothing for the bottom end of the rev-range, zero for the midrange, and hurting everything above 6800 rpm, especially the power peak.


1988 FZR 1000 - Re-Degreed Cams

Not being able to purchase the design exhaust that would help (4-1 w/ internal merge plate and crossover tubes to defeat the bad resonance causing the weak midrange), I was kind of stuck with the midrange power delivery as shown, if I wanted to have the high power peak.
I wanted to see how much the bone stock engine was capable of due to the slowly upsloping power peak (restricted)…..
So I cobbled together a set of 38mm stock carbs from a 1989 FZR1000, and made up the necessary adapters to get them to fit onto the head and stock airbox. After a little redesign of the carb needles and airbox mods, a solid 132 hp was recorded……

Had I gone with a moderate compression increase, 140 + hp would have been easily attainable with everything else internal to the engine stock.

That was when Yamaha came out with the R1....


1988 FZR 1000 - Pipe & 38 mm Carbs


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