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1967 Kawasaki A7 Avenger 350

H1 500 page

The Test Bike - 1975 Kawasaki H1F

Kawasaki H1 500
Carb Kit
Part #H1-7276

Price $225.00
(Sold direct only - no dealers on this one, sorry)

Kit includes:

Custom 5 clip postion, 5 angle needles for a much more exact fuel control.

Brand new exact reproduction needle jets
(172 style)

3 sizes of Genuine Mikuni pilot jets.

A large selection of Genuine Mikuni large round main jets. Sizes 102.5 through 115.

Setup instructions with suggested settings.

Stainless steel allen head float bowl screws.

Kit also includes a list of problem areas associated with this bike and how to minimize these problems during the tuning process.

Your Kawasaki H1 500 will never run better with the stock carbs because I have 6 months in R&D on this kit.

We are a SUDCO dealer and are able to give a good deal on all the parts that they offer for your Kawasaki H1 500.

Seat covers, airbox parts, replica stock exhaust systems and many many more parts.

We also keep in stock for your H1:
Float bowl gaskets
Genuine Mikuni needle and seat sets
K&N stock replacement air filters
UNI foam pod filters too

The H1 500 carburetion improvements are:

Noticably better response from 3000 rpm and up.... will actually climb a hill in top gear from 4000 rpm. Leaves a traffic light with less clutch slipping.

Better full throttle response from 4000 rpm.... pulls top revs longer.

Smoother and less vibration.

More linear power delivery.

My kits will also work with the common intake mods..... pod filters, and stock airbox with whatever filter you want, snorkel on or off.... pipes too.... even mild porting.



All Stock 1975 Kawasaki H1F 500 Vs. Same w/ Ivan's Jet kit

A very nice improvement over the stock jetting still with the airbox silencer intact and stock paper Kawasaki filter.


I had to reduce the font size for this chart because the HP/TQ text was into the graph lines..... software bugs I guess.



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