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1967 Kawasaki A7 Avenger 350

Kawasaki H2 750 page

Kawasaki H2 750 Jet Kit
Kawasaki H2 750 Carb Kit
Part #H2-7275

Price $225.00
(Sold direct only - no dealers on this one, sorry)

Kit includes:

Custom 5 clip postion, 5 angle needles for a much more exact fuel control.

Brand new exact reproduction needle jets

3 sizes of Genuine Mikuni pilot jets.

A large selection of Genuine Mikuni large round main jets. Sizes 102.5 through 115
Setup instructions with suggested settings.

Stainless steel allen head float bowl screws.

Kit also includes a list of problem areas associated with this bike and how to minimize these problems during the tuning process.

Your Kawasaki H2 750 will never run better with the stock carbs because I have over 2 years in R&D on this kit.

We are a SUDCO dealer and are able to give a good deal on all the parts that they offer for your Kawasaki H2 750.

Seat covers, airbox parts, replica stock exhaust systems and many many more parts.

We also keep in stock for your H2:
Float bowl gaskets
Genuine Mikuni needle and seat sets
K&N stock replacement air filters
UNI foam pod filters too

I have been an obsessed fan of this bike since it was first released and bought my fisrt H2 back in 1980 (I couldn't afford one until I was 20 yrs old) It was a 1975 H2 C model.

Having owned many 2 strokes throughout my life, I was very accustomed to how they should run, and the H2 had several issues that were very difficult to get rid of that other bikes (yamahas) did not have.

A powerband that ended very abruptly

Bucking and pinging at small throttle openings from an excessively lean mixture that would not respond very well to adjustments (needle clip, pilot jet, air screw & float level) It just seemed like this is the way it was and would have to be accepted for what it is..... I was a young kid at the time and no knowledge of manufacturing my own parts at that time.

If the intake snorkel was removed, the bike would ping on it's way towards redline, although it would make more power..... raising the main jet would get rid of the pinging, but would also drop the power somewhat.

Something was definetly overlooked in the stock carbs.


Fast foward to 2008....
A customer brought me a 1972 model with trans problems and the job turned out to be more than he wanted to spend, so we made a deal and I bought and restored the bike.

Being the jetting perfectionist that I am, I was determined to really fix all the carb problems associated with this bike... The hardest part was getting it to stop pinging and bucking which involved designing needles that had 5 separate angles on them.

This problem is now completely solved, the bike is actually a pleasure to ride in all situations, and makes more power than it ever did.
The annoying bucking/pinging/poor driveability has finally stopped, and overall vibration is dramatically reduced.

Coming soon - dyno charts



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