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RF-900 Carb Kit

Part # RF-9497...$130.00 For off road use only
There are no dyno charts for this model ... the dyno testing file was ruined when changing computers many years ago.
This kit is the result of 5 months of combined testing.
It is designed for use with either the stock header with ANY slip-on or any aftermarket exhaust system that was designed specifically for this model..

The needles included in this kit have 4 angles ground on them.

This kit requires a stock un-modified airbox and stock paper Suzuki air filter - NOT for use with aftermarket filters !!

The float bowl screws on this bike are often damaged when removed, we have included a complete set of stainless steel allen screws with the kit.

This kit will provide much better driveability and instant throttle response

This kit will give you clean cruising AND max power on the same needle setting.



 k i t  p h o t o s
    d y n o  c h a r t s

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