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Suzuki T500 Cobra page


Carb Tuning Kit - 1968 T500 Cobra
(34mm carbs only) - Available Now !!

Suzuki T500 Cobra Jet Kit
Suzuki T500 Cobra Carb Kit
Part #T5-6800

Price $295.00
(Sold direct only - no dealers on this one, sorry)

Kit includes:

Float bowl Gaskets (new reproduction)
Float bowl O-rings (new reproduction made from Viton)

New Genuine Mikuni needle and seat assemblies w/gaskets
(Spring loaded needle type)

Custom 5 clip postion, 4 angle needles for a much more precise fuel control.
Made from stainless steel w/mirror polished finish for long life and virtually no wear

Brand new custom size needle jets

3 sizes of Genuine Mikuni pilot jets.

5 sizes of Genuine Mikuni OEM Hex style main jets.

New float bowl vents

All special tools included

Step by step photo instructions for easy installation

Setup instructions with suggested settings.

Kit also includes a list of problem areas associated with this bike and how to minimize these problems during the tuning process.

Your Suzuki T500 Cobra will run fantastic with the stock carbs because I have over 2 years of R&D in this kit.
I have re-designed the entire function/fuel slope of every circuit in these 34 mm carbs to get them to do what they should have done from the beginning.

No more surging, pinging and bucking at small throttle openings !!

No more bucking at closed throttle decell !!

No more hesitation and bogging at low rpms !!

Runs cooler !!

Bike will accept full throttle from 3000 rpm in any gear !!

Smoother throughout the entire rpm range!!

Better throttle response at all throttle positions !!

See Kit Photos - Click Here

See dyno charts below bike photo

Stock Jetting is very poor on these carbs....
You can see the bad bogging from very little fuel available below 4000 rpm
, then overly rich above 4500 rpm

Badly designed float bowl venting and poor needle design are the cause of this
As a result of the carbs designed this way, all other circuits are inadequate as well.

Same as above w/ torque shown









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