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Suzuki M109R
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Here are some Suzuki M109R reviews taken from my facebook page, private email, and other public sources....

Reviews are in date order...


Scott Colegrove recommends Ivan's Performance Products.
11-26 2019·
- 2019 Suzuki M109R

Have a 2019 m109 that is now about 2 months old to me.
I have changed the pipe to a 2 into 1 and put on spike style air cleaners. When I first took the bike home I was disappointed in the way the engine ran.
Throttle was very glitchy and you nearly had to pull the clutch in to make a turn and then give is some throttle very carefully.

I did some research and found that the engine is actually derated until 4 gear, so I added a TRE.
It made the performance somewhat better, however, I lost the use of the gear indicator.
The bike still didn't accelerate clean and just ran poorly.
I did some research and talked with Ivan of Ivan's Performance and he said that he had done ECU flashing on the gen 1 motors and cured the issues.

I live in Raleigh NC so it took a bit, but I got the opportunity to go to his shop today. He flashed the ecu and what a difference.
From the factory the bike has fuel cut (it completely shuts the fuel off when you close the throttle), this makes for extremely jerky and unnerving
corners and riding in traffic.

With the flash this has been cured and now you can actually slow down to make a turn in 2nd gear and then roll it back on while exiting the turn.
The TRE is no longer needed and the bike accelerates hard in any gear. I also now have the use of the gear indicator.

The bike also accelerates hard now due to being programmed so that I am in control of what is happening.
The factory top speed limiter is also removed so the bike will pull to max rpm.
Speaking of rpm the top rpm was moved up to 7500. The bike pulls stout

I had to run up the mountain to Asheville and the road is at some points a 7% grade. I can run along at 70 and snap the throttle and no longer is it lazy, it just rips. Riding on the highway is a pleasure.

My point is if you have a m109 and especially guys that have the gen 2 that no one was really flashing, talk to Ivan.
He will make your bike a blast to ride.


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