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Kawasaki VN2000
Reviews page

Here are some VN2000 reviews taken from my facebook page, private email, and other public sources....

Reviews are in date order...


Michael McCollum
recommends Ivan's Performance Products
June 30, 2020

I can’t sing Ivan’s praises enough for the ECU flash he did on my ‘08 Kawasaki VN2000.

I had done the big 3 mods to my bike and it still didn’t run anywhere near what it does now.
Best part is you can take off any resistor mods, fuel controllers, and air intakes and it will still run better after Ivan’s flash.

The driveability improvements are awesome too.

No popping on decel, no more “speed shifting” because the engine falls on its face when you let off the throttle, decreased engine braking,
and smoother throttle transitions.

If you’re contemplating having it done, just do it. You won’t regret it.
It will be the best money you’ll ever spend on your bike.

Thanks again Ivan!
Awesome work!


Glenn Gale
posted a co
mment on my Facebook page
June 1, 2020 at 12:24 PM


This is about my 08 V2K that Ivan just re -flashed ..
What a huge improvement over the stock setting. JUST WOW !! :)

He has hit all the spots where the stock ECU has it's downfalls.
After a short test run I can tell you it has much better useable power - in all gears,
smoothest running motor now I have ever had, even with a PC 3 /
No John Deer 2 cylinder chug, chug, chug that was there even at expressway speeds. / NO POPPING /

5th gear roll on - arm pulling out of your sockets pull with no let up - never had that much pull.
Expressway running is a joy now.. smooth and even - what the V2K was made for but never had the program to do so.

I had a good friend with an 04 that has a hypercharger /PC 3 / Hard Chrome pipes take mine for a run -
- he came back with the biggest gin and said "As soon as I can MY ECU is going out to Ivan.

Ivan you have done 4 for 4 for me 1 1700 Classic and 2 Yamaha's and this one. All have worked so very well.




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