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Yamaha Warrior - Ivan's Airbox kit photos

The stock airbox on this bike is pretty restrictive although it does a pretty good job of keeping things quiet.

This bike responds very well to increased airflow by reducing the intake restriction.

Using the stock airbox and our filter kit releases another 3 + hp

Using the K&N filters alone in the stock airboxes offers no extra power without removing the lid entirely because the lid is very restrictive.

The advantages of using our setup over pod filter kits are:

A) The stock airbox is retained eliminating the oily mess caused by open crankcase breathers

B) This setup offers the easiest installation.... Less than 1/2 hr. of work to install

C ) Easiest maintenence.
Filters stay cleaner for longer period of time due to the fact that they don't have to trap brake dust and road dirt from the front tire
Filters remain in the same sheltered location that the factory designed them to be in.

D) Lowest cost per HP than any other kit available.

Available for Yamaha Speedstar side airbox as well

Available as a Filter Kit which includes:

I no longer sell the filters for this - you'll need to get them from K&N or your normal supplier.

K&N filter for top airbox and speedstar side box - YA-1602-U
(2 required w/ speedstar side airbox)

K&N filter kit for stock airboxes - YA-1602
(contains 2 filters)

Bracket available separately - $25.00


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