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ZR7 / ZR7S Carb Kit

Part # Z7-9903...$120.00 For off road use only


This kit is the result of more than 4 months of combined testing. It has been designed for use with any exhaust system, stock or aftermarket, including the stock muffler.

An air filter cover modification was necessary to increase power above 6000 rpm, and the needles with their 4 angles are designed for use with the air filter cover modification.
The air filter cover modification diagrams and instructions are included with the kit.

Driveability is greatly improved, the common dead spot off idle is completely eliminated, and throttle response is immediate.

One of the common misconceptions with this model is that a larger pilot jet is needed….
We have found that this is not the case at all…….. Our needle design takes care of it.

Handlebar vibration is dramatically reduced (feels smooth as glass), and closed to part throttle transitions are also dramatically improved.

After installation of this kit, your ZR7 will accelerate hard until the rev-limiter shuts it down and will have awesome driveability.


View Dyno Charts View Kit Photos (Coming Soon)

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