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2001 and up ZRX1200 Carb Kit
1999 and up ZRX1100 Carb Kit

Part # 12RX-0001...$130.00 For off road use only
Part # 12RX-POD....$120.00 For off road use only
(K&N filters available separately)
This kit was the result of 4 months of testing. This bike is a very mildly tuned engine which responds well to all types of mods.

This kit includes two different setups for the price of one. It has the basic setup for the stock unmodified airbox and another setup for a modified airbox. The kit contains the necessary jets and has an easy to follow diagram of how
to modify the stock air filter cover for another 8hp WITH NO LOSS TO DRIVEABILITY at any rpm !

This bike went from a stock bike that could barely lift its front wheel of the ground in 1st gear, to one that will lift the front wheel in 2nd with little provocation !!

The kit provides a dramatic increase in power and smoothness. The bike will accept full throttle from 1500 rpm in top gear.

This kit will work with any pipe, although it was designed with the Muzzy Full exhaust system.

We now have Air Induction Block-off plates available for this model (ZRX1100/1200)

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 k i t  p h o t o s
    d y n o  c h a r t s


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