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All stock ZX14 VS. All Stock ZX14 w/TRE-008


Stock Vs. Slip-ons


Stock Vs. Tsukigi 4-2-1 race exhaust


Stock vs. Ti-Force 4-2-1 race exhaust


Stock vs. Yoshimura 4-2-1 race exhaust

All Tests done on the same day for all aftermarket exhausts shown above.

Base run (stock w/TRE-008) was done at an earlier date in similar weather conditions.


ZX14 advancer test

This test was done with all the above mods and a Full Yoshimura exhaust system

ZX14 Stock w/ TRE-008 vs. Full Akrapovic race exhaust

Sub-throttle plate removal was chosen because it is a popular mod with aftermarket exhausts and re-mapping.

Similar full throttle results happen with sub-throttle plates intact when using TRE-008.

Part throttle response is better with the sub-throttle plates removed and re-mapping.

Re-mapping is required when sub-throttle plates are removed.

Our maps are only available with a minimum purchase of $300.00 in other products

The TRE is a driveability improver and should be used whether or not the sub-throttle plates are removed.
It disables the part throttle timing retarder in the lower gears, and will give the fastest opening rate of the sub-throttle plates in the stock ECU.

We have another TRE for this bike which will disable fuel cut on decell.

This will give better on/off throttle transitions when riding the twisties, and will get rid of the annoying pop from the exhaust when getting back on the throttle.

Using TRE-006a REQUIRES Sub-throttle plate removal due to the ECU's default slower opening rate of the sub-throttles.


Using aftermarket air filters on this bike shows no additional HP gains and does not require any remapping - exhaust gas tests show no changes when aftermarket filters are used.

Check the fit of your aftermarket filter on this bike - make sure there are no air leaks around the filter's perimeter.




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