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ZX6R Carb Kit & 2005 ZZR-600

2000 & up model
Part # 6R-0002...$120.00  
For off road use only
1998 - 1999 model
Part # 6R-9899... DISCONTINUED 

This kit is also the result of more than 8 months of combined testing. It has been designed for use with a 4-1 (not 4-2-1) exhaust system, which means that it is primarily designed around the Akrapovic full exhaust OR any Bolt-on muffler including the stock one.

Although it has been tested (2000 & up models) with similar results with a Muzzy exhaust, the Muzzy exhaust that it is designed to work with is for a 1998 - 1999 ZX6R.

This bike has shown to be one of the most powerful 600's that we have ever seen. It loves to bury the tach with one of the smoothest powerbands of all the current 600's.

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