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Yamaha Stratoliner & Roadliner
Reviews page

Here are some Yamaha Stratoliner & Roadliner reviews taken from my facebook page, private email, and other public sources....

Reviews are in date order...


Rod Harney recommends Ivan's Performance Products.
September 13 2019·

A quick ride after installing Ivan's reflash on my 06 Stratoliner was all it took to confirm everything I've heard. FANTASTIC!

I haven't yet ridden it enough to know whether or not it'll run cooler, but instantly smoother, (especially just off idle)
better, smoother power throughout and with a deeper, throatier exhaust note.

This is the way this bike is supposed to run. Thank you Ivan.


Joe Fairburn recommends Ivan's Performance Products.
April 16, 2019·

Ivan tuned my 2008 Yamaha Stratoliner ECU and I couldn’t be happier. His very detailed description of benefits was spot on what to expect.
The biggest changes were eliminated popping from my aftermarket pipes and drastically smoother on/off throttle transitions.
I also noticed a lot smoother gear changes. Would definitely recommend this to any Stratoliner owner to be there first mod hands down.


Jim Sokolowski reviewed Ivan's Performance Products —
5 star
January 26, 2018 ·

Top notch! I had the reflash done on my 2010 Stratoliner Deluxe.....does all it says it will. Love it.
And Ivan was there for any questions.....strongly recommend!


Joe Calascibetta reviewed Ivan's Performance Products —
5 star
May 18, 2017 ·

Had Ivan re-flash the ECU on my 2009 Stratoliner 3 years ago and its still the best investment ever.


Henry Jordan reviewed Ivan's Performance Products —
5 star
May 5, 2017 ·

So far I am beyond happy. A definite improvement over factory.
They are super nice people that got me right in and out of there shop.
Rainy today but still took it out for a little burn and everything is better, power, throttle response, power, decelerating, power, no more popping.

Did I mention more power?
Lol, got so excited I forgot to mention the bike. 2014 Yamaha Roadliner S


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